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Quotes So, one day my FFA class goes to this thing called Farm Fest in Spring Field. I was walking around with my friends in the goat and sheep area because I was thinking about getting one for my SAE project when i see these hugh rabbits. I walk up to the guy who is feeding them an apple and ask about them. I had never heard of flemish giants before, but the Taylors helped me pick out a plan and explained the shows and pedigrees to me. They sold me my very first flemish and have been ever so helpful with telling me how to care for them and directions to shows. They have even taken the time to introduce me to the other breeders. Grace Fina Quotes

Quotes I can't say enough good thing about Sherry and Wayne. We just purchased our first Flemish from them and they have helped in so many ways. Answering many questions to help us get my daughter going on showing for 4H and possibly starting her own rabbitry. Quotes
Dusty Carver
show mom

Quotes Porkchop has been the best lil guy ever. I have two young sons and he is great around them. My older son is autistic, and Porkchop has been the only animal that he has touch or even has noticed. The rabbitry has and is doing such a good job raising flemish giants. If you are looking for a health well taken care of bunny, this is the rabbitry to get it from. Thank you so much for letting Porkchop come into our family. Quotes

Quotes I can't say enough in words how grateful I am to Sherry and her wonderful husband in choosing Atira, my new bunny, after losing my first Flemish to a terrible accident. I was just devastated, but decided to get another bunny, as my first was just wonderful. Sherry took the time to find a "Trish bunny," and I couldn't be happier. Atira is bright, feisty, affectionate, and inquisitive. She and my dogs get along great. Atira is a house bunny and is already spoiled rotten, lol. She is absolutely gorgeous and just a joy to have as a new family member. Thank you so much for helping me to experience the joy once again of a wonderful Flemish bunny! :0) Quotes
Trish Harmon
Grateful and Happy Bunny Mom

Quotes I just wanted to update everyone on how Atira has acclimated to her new home. She is now officially a Diva, lol, and fearless. She is so comfortable, often lounging with the dogs, and LOVES nose rubs and rub downs. She is such a joy and all who meet her are smitten. She and my granddaughter, Aamira, who will be 3yrs. old in January, seem to be BFFs. Whether Aamira is racing around the room or trying to carry her around, Atira just seems to roll with it and the two are developing quite a bond. Thank you again, Sherry and Wayne, for everything. And thank you for finding just the right "Trish Bunny"! Quotes
Trish Harmon
Super Happy Bunny Mom!

Quotes We brought Oscar home last weekend and not only are we completely smitten, but so are all the other critters in the house! Dogs, cats, turtles, hedgehog ... they all wish they were a bun too! Too cute for words. Oscar has certainly found a loving, accepting home. Thank you. Quotes
Everyone wants to be a bun!

Quotes I never used to be a huge fan of rabbits, but my Husband really wanted one so we picked a bunny out. Our in-home, Flemish steel doe named Zilla has turned out to be fearless (even isn't afraid of our two dogs!), curious, comical, loving, and was almost completely litterbox trained within a few days of havng her home. She wields an aweome personality mix between that of a cat and dog. She makes us laugh all the time! I feel the time and love the Taylors put into their rabbits really makes the difference. It is safe to say Zilla has melted our hearts and I am now a fan of a rabbit! Quotes
"Owner" of the Queen of the House

Quotes I finally got my "bundle of joy" July 10, 2010 and she is such a delight! Inari is a blue Flemish with lighter accents on her belly (which is sooo cute), and the sweetest face you can imagine. She LOVES peanuts and will take one right out of my mouth. She is both beautiful and inquisitive, rambunctious and affectionate. I will keep you posted as she grows. I could not be happier with both Inari and the tremendous service and wonderful communications with Sherry. I feel Inari and I were just meant to be! :) Quotes
Trish Harmon
Super Happy Bunny Mom!

Quotes Thank you for the most healthy happy flemish giant baby, Flander is all settled in his new home and loves to hop around with the kids and other animals! Thank you for the updates and friendliness of your service, you made this experience wonderful for us. Tiffany Flander Quotes
Tiffany Dean
Happy Bunny

Quotes Just wanted to say how happy we are with our Flemish, Ginger. Unfortunately, we can't have her indoors, but she is very content outside..and will soon be getting a new pen. She has personality plus! She makes me laugh daily, and we just love her. Thank you so much, Sherry. Quotes