Taylor's Bunnies

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Quotes He is such a smart, smart bunny As of yet he hasn't urinated on the floor one time and he is out of his cage a lot. So far he always gets back into his cage and into his litter box to pee. I do have to pick up little poopies off his cage floor but not usually outside of his cage. It's incredible to see him go to his litter box 100% of the time to pee though and 97% of the time to poop! He's a bunny genius!! Quotes

Quotes Kramer's first day went wonderfully! He is a happy, happy guy running around as fast as he can kicking his feet up and exploring! He seems to be acclimating to being a house bunny extremely well! Thanks so much Sherry, he is such a comical energetic guy! Quotes

Quotes Thank you for supplying us with such a wonderful, healthy rabbit. The kids and I just love her. We can not thank you enough. Quotes
Flemish Doe

Quotes I just wanted to tell you what A blessing your little rabbit is!I am SO pleased with this little guy! Quotes