Taylor's Bunnies

Future Bunny Barn - YEAH! Bunny Barn is 95% complete - Bunnies have been moved into their new home! Updated pictures to come soon!

 "Flower" our new bunny barn kitten!

Named after Thumper's friend on the movie Bambi! Our Flower LUVS the bunnies!

New double-stack "bunny condos:


Awning windows for ventilation and protection from weather, temperature-set exhaust fan for better climate control, and second floor for storage of hay and carry cages. Yeah!

The live webcam will be installed for bunny lovers to view our upcoming litters!

Making progress.....

Geting closer to being completed......... (sky lights for natural light, door just put in on the second floor for ease of putting hay upstairs, now ready to finish the siding!)

Almost there....


June 28th - All of the bunnies in their nice big cages - climate controlled - natural lighting above with eaves covered with clear plexiglass - window blinds - exhaust fan for ventilation - room to run and play while their cage is cleaned - YEAH!!!