Taylor's Bunnies

Pictures of Some of the Bunnies That We Have Sold to Loving Homes!

"Sarge" the beautiful blue buck, now lives the life of a pampered Flemish Giant with Mary in St Louis! Check out those ears!!!!! Show quality for sure!

"Blue" lives with his wonderful family and a sweet little furry friend!


Beautiful does that now live in Dallas, TX!


 Coconut "Coco" - enjoys his days playing with the "little one" in the family and relaxing on the cool registers on the floor!

Latest "Easter" pic of Porkchop (on the right). Looks like he is pulling the wagon. :-) Big Flemish Giant bunnies are awesome!


"Porkchop" lives in Oklahoma and is now the king of the Lazyboy!


Porkchop enjoys Saturday cartoons on the couch and apples with his new friend!

"Carlos" is a very happy house bunny to Seseley and has settled into his new home! He is enjoying being a pampered house bunny!...and learning to keep in touch on Facebook! :-)


 "Carlos" is growing into a handsome guy!!!

"Atira" is the "diva" house bunny for Trish and the best friend to two dogs - Scooter and Bruiser (the other pampered pets). Atira has adjusted well to her new life as a loved, pampered, and spoiled house bunny! What a lucky bunny!!

"Zilla" is a beautiful doe and is loved and cherished by Gail and Derrick! Zilla and Addie (family dog) have seemed to become friends! -

UPDATE: 9/25/10 Zilla entered her first ARBA rabbit show and won Best of Variety Opposite Sex! Yeah! What a gorgoeous girl she is!

This adorable guy is "Kramer" - His proud "bunny momma" is Aimee! His buddy is the cat, named Seinfeld. How adorable!

This special bunny is "Thumper" - His proud "bunny momma" is Nikki! Resting by his litter box! What a smart guy he is!

"Shadow" has a wonderful family and is a beautiful doe! Her "bunny momma" is Kim. She enjoys the attention from the family!

8/19/10 - I was just informed that Shadow placed Best of Show in a rabbit show! Awesome! What a beautiful bunny!!! And she is a recent momma of gorgeous baby bunnies!!

"Gingie" has a loving home in Illinois with her new "bunny momma" - Dana. She enjoys her treats (apples and Cheerios) and lots of attention!

These pedigreed steel beauties belong to Mark and they will be entering the shows beginning in the summer 2011! (STEEL DOE RECEIVED RESERVED GRAND CHAMPION!!!!!) CONGRATULATIONS MARK!!


 This little blue boy now resides in California, MO and is a "little prince"!!