Taylor's Bunnies

Bunny Sales Policy

Please read our sales policy below. Taylor's Berries and Bunnies has the right to change this policy at anytime without notice.

Colors of young rabbits can sometimes be hard to determine with absolute certainty. As baby rabbits grow, their color tends to change. We will do our best to accurately predict the colors/shadings at the time the rabbits leave our home.

Genders can also be hard to determine at a young age, but we will do our best to accurately label each bunny. All bunnies are sold as is. To the best of our knowledge, all of our bunnies are healthy and do not have any known diseases/conditions. Taylor's Berries and Bunnies is not responsible for bunnies once they have left our home. We will not reimburse for any vet bills once you have purchased your bunny from us.

We accept cash or PayPal only as payment for bunnies. At this time we do not ship bunnies, but may be willing to meet.

Prices for Flemish Giant Rabbits can run $40+ based on the "pet" or "show" quality of the rabbit, as determined by the current ARBA standards.

In order to "Hold" or "Reserve" a rabbit of your choice, a 50% non-refundable deposit, of the cost of the rabbit, will be required. 

The goal of Taylor's Berries and Bunnies is to have both a happy "bunny family" and a happy bunny!