Taylor's Bunnies

Happenings of the Rabbitry

Taylor's Bunnies ROCKED the National Flemish Giant Show!
Bloomington, IL - April 9, 2016

3 of the top 14 Flemish Giant Rabbits are Taylor's Bunnies!!!

Best of Variety - Blue Sr Buck
Best Opposite Sex of Variety - Blue Sr Doe
Best Opposite Sex of Variety - Lt Gray Sr Doe

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TAYLOR'S BUNNIES are famous! Wayne and the Flemish Giants were videoed and interviewed for both KY3 TV and Fox 5 at 9p News. View the entire interview at our Facebook page "Taylor's Bunnies"!


Come see Taylor's Bunnies at the Ozark Fall Farm Fest! Flemish Giants and Dwarf Hotots to view and for sale!

Taylor's Flemish Giants and Dwarf Hotots will be at the Ozark Fall Farm Fest, Ozark Empire Fairgrounds - Springfield MO
October 3-5, 2014

Sept 19, 2014 - Rocky Altic Memorial Flemish Giant show: Taylor's Bunnies received....Best of Variety- blue and white. Best Opposite of Variety- blue, black, and fawn.



Join us April 4-6, 2014 for the Spring Ag & Urban Fest, Springfield, MO - Ozark Empire Fairgrounds


Dwarf Hotots FOR SALE: See Web Store!


Alilene, KS 3 show results:

Black buck Jr. - BOB BOV - BOS BOV - BOV

White doe Sr. - BOSV - BOSV - BOV

White buck Sr. - BOV - BOV - BOSV

Blue buck Jr. - BOV - BOV

Sandy buck 6/8 - BOSV - BOSV

Steel doe Sr. - BOV- BOV

Sandy doe 6/8 - BOV

Lt Gray doe Sr. - BOV - BOV - BOB BOV

Fawn doe Sr. - BOV

Blue doe Jr. - BOSV - BOSV

Blue buck Sr. BOV


Check out what's happening at the rabbitry and see pics posted by our buyers on Facebook -             "Taylor's Bunnies"!


Policy Update - In order to guarantee the "reservation" or "holding" of the rabbit of your choice, a 50% non-refundable deposit, of the final cost of the rabbit, will be required. This will ensure that all buyers will have the best selection of rabbits to choose from and only serious buyers will have rabbits held for them! 

May 18 & 19 - Wonderful rabbit shows this weekend - Montgomery City & Carthage. Many Best of Varieties in blue, black, steel, lt gray, fawn, and white. Also Best of Breed and Best Opposite of Breed - blue Sr doe and white 6/8 doe.

4-15-13 - We are proud to announce that we will be adding SANDY and FAWNS to our rabbitry! We will then have all 7 Flemish Giant colors! YEAH! 

Upcoming Shows - 2/23 SW MO Hare Raisers - Anderson, MO & 3/9 MO State RPA - Sedalia, MO. 

Also come see TAYLOR'S BUNNIES on April 5-7th, 2013 at the Springfield, MO fairgrounds for the Spring Ag & Urban Fest - 9am-5pm!


2/7/13 -Results of the Gentle Giant Rabbit Club Flemish Giant specialty show - Ft. Worth, TX -Bessie BOV black doe, Brutus BOV blue buck, Bonnie BOSV blue doe, Garrett BOV lt gray buck, Sherry BOV steel doe, Sherman BOSV steel buck, & Worthington BOV white buck! 7 1st place ribbons out of 8 bunnies that we had shown! WOO HOO!

Taylor's Flemish Giants - ARBA National Rabbit Show -  Wichita, Kansas

ARBA National Rabbit Convention Show Wichita, KS
Proud of our results.....
Brock (Sr Black Buck) - 1st Place & Best Opposite Sex
Brook (Sr Black Doe) - 1st Place
Bella (Sr Black Doe ) - 2nd Place
Betty (Jr Black Doe ) - 2nd Place
Berry (Sr Blue Buck) - 2nd Place
Bonnie (Sr Blue Doe) - 1st Place
Bernadette (Sr Blue Doe) - 4th Place
Garrett (Sr Lt Gray Buck) - 1st Place


Come see our Flemish Giant rabbits - Ozark Fall Farmfest - October 5th-7th, Ozark Empire Fairgrounds - Springfield, MO.


9-26-12 - BUNNIES FOR SALE NOW or RESERVE YOURS TODAY: Flemish Giant bucks & does (various colors and genders available - show quality or pet quality)

Email if interested - WSTaylorsBBfarm@aol.com

9-22-12 -  AWESOME day at the Sedalia bunny show with rabbits and friends!
Results - Show A & Show B:
*Brock (black buck) - Best Opposite Sex of Variety for both shows
*Bella (black doe) - Best of Variety for both shows
*Berry (blue buck) - Best Opposite Sex of Variety for both shows AND BEST OF BREED OPPOSITE SEX of Show A! YEAH!
*Bonnie (blue doe) - 1st Place Show A and Best of Variety Show B
*Gloria (lt gray doe) - BEST OF
*Sandford (steel buck) - Best of Variety for both shows
*Worthington (white buck) - Best of Variety Show A

8-19-12 - Received our Dwarf Hotots today. 3 does and 1 buck! So very excited! Thank you Tonna for getting us started on the right track! They are ADORABLE!

Email if interested in reserving a Dwarf Hotot from the upcoming litters - WSTaylorsBBfarm@aol.com



Attended the National Flemish Giant show, Ft. Worth, TX - April 21, 2012.

AWESOME wins for the blacks, blues and lt grays!

**Brook - 1st place Black Sr Doe - Best of Variety

**Brock - 1st place Black Sr Buck - Best of Variety Opposite Sex

**Bonnie - 1st place Blue Sr Doe - Best of Variety

**Bernadette - 2nd place Blue Sr Doe

**Brutus - 2nd place Blue Jr Doe

**Garrett - 2nd place Lt Gray Sr Buck

**Gloria - 2nd place Lt Gray Sr Doe



We are expecting 8 new Flemish Giant litters in the nestbox in a week and a half! Hoping for all colors - lt gray, black, blue, steel or white!